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The Origin Story

Lucas Sanor is a DJ Saxophonist living in central Illinois.  After completing his PhD in genetics and molecular biology, he left behind a promising career as a research scientist to pursue a lifelong dream as a professional sax player.  While the pandemic was a roadblock to many musicians, Lucas was thrust into the street performance music scene when he began hosting outdoor concerts for the local entertainment-deprived graduate students. 

He is easily recognized by his smooth sounds, purple hair, and flashy pants throughout Illinois and Iowa where he plays covers of Top 40's hits from the 1960’s to 2020's.  Lucas loves leather jackets, all things 80’s retro, and his two favorite songs to play are “True” by Spandau Ballet and “Rather Be” by Clean Bandit.  

DJ Saxophonist Lucas Sanor

My approach

My approach to DJing is to provide a strong intersection of reading the crowd, customization by the bride and groom, and my own unique repertoire.  When mixing, I carefully consider the tastes of the couple and the crowd.  I use a number of mixing techniques and frequently “quick mix” by visiting the most memorable parts of songs to bring the audience through a nostalgic story and keep the energy levels rushing the floor.

When I play sax, I never replace the dancefloor music, but rather tastefully season it with my saxophone, which multiplies the energy and excitement on the dance floor and consistently leaves the dancers asking for more.  My goal is always to add to and multiply what is happening on the dancefloor with my sax - never to replace or take away from it.  

The mission of Nostalgia Rush is to provide you with a fresh, unique, reliable, and super fun musical experience that you and your guests are going to remember for a very long time!  

The Brand: Nostalgia Rush

I believe in developing and maintaining a highly stylistic, unique brand that encompasses all aspects of my performance including my lighting, song choices, playing style, and clothing.  All of my designs, brand name, and lighting were largely conceived and even physically constructed by me.  Together, they embody what I believe accurately represents my musical identity and gifts I carry.  You will literally never find my vibe and set up with another DJ unless they made their own version!

My model is not one of cookie cutter services; I do not book multiple weddings per week because I am deeply invested in making sure each wedding is the best that I can offer.  When you book me, you get ME; not another DJ or saxophonist that is subcontracted.

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