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Great sax makes a great party

Street Sax

A battery-powered sound system and the sax man himself for the ultimate form of entertainment. Perfect for events like farmer's markets, festivals, street shows, non-profits, and others.  Please contact - rates are negotiable.

Street performer saxophonist

Need a DJ for your event or party, but want something  a bit more?  Look no further.  This service combines the best of both worlds of a DJ and a professional saxophonist for hours of decade themed music, chill vibes, or the coolest dance party you've ever been to.  Seriously, no one is going to forget this.


The ultimate DJ and Sax-infused performance
Full sound system

Wireless Mics


Please contact me for a quote

Full event starting price $1,500 

Premium DJ Party Sax

DJ Saxophonist DJ/Sax Combo
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